Early Encouragements!

Last week felt like a big deal. Simply trying to distill this vision for Halifax into a website felt hard enough (and even now as I look at the site, there's things I want to add), but how would people respond? Putting it out there felt exciting! Sharing something of what we believe God is calling us to with our friends and the world - thats exciting! Sharing plans for the proclamation of the gospel - thats exciting! Sharing with people some of the encouragements that we've already received from friends and church leaders in our lives - thats exciting... but what if no one else is interested...

Me and Rach can't do everything - for one, I'm just not that gifted! We need a team, we need a church, a body, a group of people who love Jesus and love Halifax and want to get involved in people's lives, proclaim the gospel and bring them into church. But what If we put it out there, and no one else is interested? What if it is just us? That was the fear at the back of my mind. But God in his kindness and grace has given us some early encouragement.

On Friday I was able to sit down and chat with someone who is seriously thinking through how and when they might move to Halifax and join the church plant! It is incredibly exciting to realise that God has not only placed the need of Halifax on our hearts - but on others too. But then - of course he has! Why would God call us to Halifax if he hasn't already prepared the ground for a new congregation, if he wasn't already preparing a team of people to join us? I really shouldn't be surprised - but I am continually amazed at his provision! Give thanks for this early encouragement, and continue to pray for more people to be willing to make moves for this much needed work.

This weekend I also had the opportunity to share a bit more with our church family at the Tab, over a fellowship lunch. I think the presentation went well - though it was good to be able to do that for the first time in front of a home crowd. I think I spoke a bit too fast, and went into a bit too much detail on a couple of things - but that what I do when I'm talking about something I'm really excited about! But lessons have been learnt, and it has helped me to focus on what the core points are in the presentation of this plant.

We've also been having great interactions on social media. I can't stress how helpful getting this news out on Social media is. If you use social media (and you're reading this online - so the chances are you do!) please like and follow our Facebook page, and for those who like their updates in 280 characters or less - please follow us on twitter!

Until next time!

Soli Deo Gloria!