As you can see we have a big vision for this church plant. Planting in a town like Halifax where the ground is hard, and where we are trying to reach some of the poorer communities, we suspect that it will be a number of years before we are financially self-sufficient. We are dependent on ongoing generous donations from individuals and partnering churches, so we would ask you to consider how you can best give to the work of Plant Halifax in a way that will enable you to support us in the long term. We do need a large injection of money to start, but we will also need generous ongoing support for some years to come. Please prayerfully consider what you are able to budget to that end.

The Worthing Tabernacle, our sending church, is holding a collection over the next few months to help with the work of Plant Halifax. If you want to give towards the collection please find details below for how to give to the Worthing Tabernacle. 

You should find all the details below for how to give, but if you have any questions or concerns - do please get in touch with us.

Gift Aid

If you are a taxpayer you can increase your giving by filling in a gift aid form and returning it to the Tab finance office. Please download the form using the button below - and then attach it to an email to our finance team, or send it to: Worthing Tabernacle, 64 Chapel Road, Worthing, BN11 1BN


So that any gifts given for this plant are not confused with the regular giving the Tab receives, it is important that any giving is identified by the ref: Halifax

Bank Details

Bank Name: NatWest Bank PLC

Bank Postal Address: 27 South Street, Worthing, BN11 3AR

Account Name: Worthing Tabernacle

Account Number: 73865141

Sort Code: 60-24-31

Reference: Halifax