Viv and Alex

If you get our prayer letter (sign up here) you know who Viv and Alex are… if not - let me introduce you to them!

Viv and Alex have been members at the Worthing Tab (our sending church) for the past 5 years where they have served in a number of roles and capacities. As a couple they have been involved with the youth work, toddler group, mums bible study and leading a weekly home group together - and now they’re coming to Halifax with us!

It has been a huge encouragement for me and Rachael, and I think all who are supporting us, to see them come on board so quickly and decisively! Perhaps when life has settled down a bit for Viv and Alex I’ll get them to tell their own story, but the short version is that they had been praying and asking God to lead them where he wanted them next (thinking on the scale of ministries in church!), and whilst they were praying that - I asked them if they’d come to Halifax with us! They saw this as potentially an answer to their prayer and so sought further confirmation through praying specifically about it, and speaking to the Elders at the Tab, who gave their whole hearted blessing - although they were going to miss such a quality couple from the fellowship.

What happened next was Viv handing in his notice at work, and Alex setting about looking for a family home for them - all before they had even visited Halifax! I have been so encouraged and challenged by their obedience, and willingness to forsake every known thing and comfort, in order to see the gospel preached to people who need to hear it!

Like I say - maybe Viv and Alex will be able to tell you more of their story at some point. But for now - give thanks for them! Pray for them as they settle in to Halifax - they have actually moved a week before us! That’s how quickly they have got things sorted, and that God has provided things for them. 


We had a wonderful service at the Tab a couple of Sundays ago - as me and Rach were commissioned and both families were brought up to the front and prayed for. Do please pray for us - and give thanks to God, that a few months ago this plant didn’t exist in any form, then there was one family, now there’s two! Thats 10 people including kids! Plus interest from other areas of the country! We pray that God would birth this church and that he would use it to display His glory in Halifax!

Soli Deo Gloria!