We have a church name! (and other news)

Hey folks! We just wanted to bring you up to speed with some developments around Plant Halifax.

First of all - we have a name! These past few weeks we have been working hard getting the legal paperwork ready for registering as a charity and opening a bank account and all that necessary stuff! And so one of the things we had to settle on was the name of the new church. There were lots of great ideas we had knocking around but we have settled on the name ‘Hope Church Halifax’! I’ll try and do another post soon sharing a bit of why we have gone for that name - but for now we just wanted to share that bit of news with you.

The other big bit of news we want to share with you all is a new partnership we have built with SaRang church in South Korea. As many of you who get our prayer letters know - a couple of weeks ago I met with Sam Ko, one of the pastors of SaRang church. We had a wonderful time talking about the gospel, church, ministry and the work we are doing in Halifax. Sam was really supportive of our vision, and is making our church plant a part of their regular mission prayer meeting which 700 people attend! As well as that, they have committed to give generously to support our financial needs in our first year.

We are massively encouraged by Sam Ko and the brothers and sisters at SaRang church, it is a huge blessing to know that there are christians across the world who are committing to pray for the work of Plant Halifax, and are willing to ‘put their money where their mouth is’ (as it were!) and support us financially as well. We also want to give a huge thanks to Mike Reeves, Joel Morris and Union as a whole for facilitating this partnership, and going to the mat for us in sharing the need for this work. 

Pleas keep praying! I’m a bit behind in sharing some of our news here - if you get our prayer letter you’ll already know that probably the biggest encouragement we’ve received recently is that another family has joined us, and is moving from Worthing with us up to Halifax! More on that next week!

Until then!